Peter Prog

Peter Prog

NAME : PeterProg


YOB :  1953

LOCATION : Llandysul,  Wales

SHOW : Epic Mondays 

               Check It Out 

Dj PeterProg also known as Peter O’Neill. I have fond memories of visiting the local Memorial Hall ( Still there today ), where rock bands of all descriptions would play every weekend. I soon came to notice some were different, songs were longer, more experimental but inspiring. I was soon to learn it was progressive rock music, it has been a big part of my life ever since and I would like to keep the flame of progressive rock music burning brightly with your help.

I’m delighted to say, my time is now largely spent as a Dj with, where I produce two shows each and every week.

EPIC MONDAYS : Where you can start your week with a relaxed look at some epic tracks of 10 mins or more and not every week but some a great feature My Ep Special – Where I play a favourite Ep in it’s entirety !

CHECK IT OUT : Where you can enjoy new and exciting progressive rock music and most weeks a great feature Album Of The Week – Where I play 75% of a new album with some of the band joining you and me in chat !

Rayna Monforti

Rayna Monforti

Name: Rayna Monforti

Role: Co-Owner, DJ, Marketing

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Show: Music in Widescreen (since Feb 2003)

Top Prog Albums:

  • Anathema – Weather Systems
  • Arena – The Visitor
  • Big Big Train – English Electric
  • Dream Theater – Scenes From A Memory
  • Flicker – How Much Are You Willing to Forget
  • Genesis – Selling England By the Pound
  • Kevin Gilbert – The Shaming of the True
  • Mars Hollow – Mars Hollow
  • Nemo – Barbares
  • Phideaux – Doomsday Afternoon
  • Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
  • Riverside – Shrine of New Generation Slaves
  • Porcupine Tree – In Absentia
  • Shadow Gallery – Tyranny

Best Ever Live Gig:

  • Stadium: Roger Waters, United Center, Chicago
  • Club: Porcupine Tree, Double Door, Chicago

Mark Monforti

Mark Monforti

Name: Mark Monforti

Role: Co-Owner

YOB: 1966

Location: Chicago, USA

Show: Music In Widescreen (since Feb 2004)

Favorite Prog Albums:

  • Genesis – Selling England By the Pound
  • Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
  • Project Creation – The Floating World
  • IQ – Frequency
  • Discipline – Unfolding the Staircase
  • Phideaux – Doomsday afternoon
  • Unitopia – The Garden
  • Kevin Gilbert – The Shaming of the True
  • Riverside – Shrine of new Generation Slaves
  • Flicker – How much are you willing to forget
  • Big Big Train – English Electric

Best Ever Live Gig:

  • Stadium: Roger Waters,  Wrigley Field 2012
  • Club: Porcupine Tree Double Door Chicago 2002

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