Chuck Simons grew up in the 70s with mostly classic rock and the big 4, YES, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Rush. I had no idea of all the other Prog music going on at the time. Got married in the 80s and focused on family at the same time prog rock was going through a transition. With kids leaving the house I rediscovered Prog Rock in 2014 to realize how much I had missed out on. The object of my show is to take you on my journey year by year in prog rock history, not only for you, the listener but for my own learning and gratification of all those years I missed! This is why I call the show Prog Rock for Beginners, beginner being myself, and hopefully a lot of other beginners and veterans who just love this mainstream prog rock most of the time! Prog Rock for Beginners. The Best of Prog Rock, Year by Year!

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