Mary White

Mary White

Musically, Mary was highly influenced by her siblings (9) and comes with over 15 years experience doing a progressive music podcast. An avid album listener, she’s been known to play one in its entirety!

Listen for lots of local Portland, Oregon area bands… progressive music is alive and well here!!

Zap Niles

Zap Niles

Zap Niles (a nom de plume) is not only a former professional musician, songwriter, and recording artist, having spent more than twenty-five years in the music business with five recording contracts under his belt, but is also an avid music collector. Indeed, since purchasing his first LP way back in the early ’70s, he has accumulated more than 7,000 albums. And although he enjoys quite a number of musical styles, mostly in the “Rock” genre, his all-time favorite style is Progressive Rock in all its various forms (Neo-Prog, Prog-Metal, Heavy Prog, Symphonic Prog, Eclectic-Prog, Canterbury Prog, etc.).

Zap is also a multiple award-winning author of both novels and short stories, and currently works as an editor in the publishing industry and as a freelance writer. Several years ago, deciding to combine his love of music with his writing skills, he began his “Zap Niles – Musical Musings & Album Reviews” website, where he posts his hundreds upon hundreds of album reviews and other music-related articles, as well as keeps a discography of every single album within his vast collection, along with his ratings for each of them.

As the name implies, his show, “Prog-Scure: Obscure Bands on the Prog-Rock Scene (Past & Present),” focuses on artists that either time has forgotten or current artists who still remain shamefully undiscovered or ignored by the masses. Additionally, he may also play lesser-known tracks—”B” sides, rarities, bonus songs—from popular bands on the Prog-Rock scene, or Prog-Rock music released by artists not even normally associated with the genre itself.

You can find Zap by visiting his website ( or Facebook profile (



Name : John Christiansen
(AKA) Wintereagle
Role : DJ
YOB : 1963
Location : Toledo Ohio
Show : Out of Control

Technician, Husband and father of 3 girls that like County and and contemporary Christian Music. I’m out numbered but when no one is home I can crank up my Prog. I’ve been enjoying progressive rock sens the 6th grade when I got my First 45, Queen Bohemian Rhapsody at 12 years old 1975.
Favorite artist
My show features the Best in progressive rock from the 70s 80s 90s 00s 10s and today.
Listen live Thursdays at 6pm CST
Download and listen to previous shows at
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Nick Andreas

Nick Andreas

Name : Nick Andreas

Role : Dj

YOB : 1986

Location: Allentown, PA, USA

Show: When Prog and Power Unite (Since 2008)


Nick is a Funeral Director by day, and full time prog lover by night. Although still young by classic prog standards, his appreciation from the genre spans those bands that are his contemporaries, as well as many that started well before he was born.

When Prog and Power Unite ( airs on Wednesday nights, 5-8pm Central (11pm-2am UTC). The show runs much of the prog spectrum, and tends to have more progressive metal than its counterparts on the station. And some other metal is sprinkled in for extra flavor. Listener requests are always welcomed, and we try to keep up and spread all the new and exciting prog music being made around the world.

Peter Prog

Peter Prog

NAME : PeterProg


YOB :  1953

LOCATION : Llandysul,  Wales

SHOW : Epic Mondays 

               Check It Out 

Dj PeterProg also known as Peter O’Neill. I have fond memories of visiting the local Memorial Hall ( Still there today ), where rock bands of all descriptions would play every weekend. I soon came to notice some were different, songs were longer, more experimental but inspiring. I was soon to learn it was progressive rock music, it has been a big part of my life ever since and I would like to keep the flame of progressive rock music burning brightly with your help.

I’m delighted to say, my time is now largely spent as a Dj with, where I produce two shows each and every week.

EPIC MONDAYS : Where you can start your week with a relaxed look at some epic tracks of 10 mins or more and not every week but some a great feature My Ep Special – Where I play a favourite Ep in it’s entirety !

CHECK IT OUT : Where you can enjoy new and exciting progressive rock music and most weeks a great feature Album Of The Week – Where I play 75% of a new album with some of the band joining you and me in chat !

Rayna Monforti

Rayna Monforti

Name: Rayna Monforti

Role: Co-Owner, DJ, Marketing

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Show: Music in Widescreen (since Feb 2003)

Top Prog Albums:

  • Anathema – Weather Systems
  • Arena – The Visitor
  • Big Big Train – English Electric
  • Dream Theater – Scenes From A Memory
  • Flicker – How Much Are You Willing to Forget
  • Genesis – Selling England By the Pound
  • Kevin Gilbert – The Shaming of the True
  • Mars Hollow – Mars Hollow
  • Nemo – Barbares
  • Phideaux – Doomsday Afternoon
  • Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
  • Riverside – Shrine of New Generation Slaves
  • Porcupine Tree – In Absentia
  • Shadow Gallery – Tyranny

Best Ever Live Gig:

  • Stadium: Roger Waters, United Center, Chicago
  • Club: Porcupine Tree, Double Door, Chicago

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