Hello listeners! I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s on a strict diet of radio-friendly Pop, Rock, and R&B and then one day I learned Peter Gabriel was in Genesis, and my listening life changed forever. I grew to love progressive music and the community of fans that supported it. One thing I realized very early on in my music exploration was that all my favorite bits didn’t have any singing: I prefer when the music speaks for itself, whether that was prog or funk or metal. I went looking tor a radio show or podcast that featured the instrumental music liked, couldn’t find one, and so the good folks at progrock.com said I could have a go.

Before No Words Music, I was a co-host on the podcast Tabletop Genesis for 5 years. I am a Jersey Girl that lives in Philly, working in global healthcare analytics by day and dreaming of another Phillies World Series win in my lifetime by night.

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