Zoltan Vamos

Zoltan Vamos

A prog lover all my life, was introduced to progressive rock at at a very young age. My father keeps telling me I fell in love with Anglagard at the young age of 2 years old. I have released two albums with my father, “Ingenious Cacophonies” and “Antediluvian Euphonies”. I am a multi-instrumentalist who focuses primarily on drums and vocals. My life was never easy, but I found music to keep me going, its one of the main reasons I became a musician. I have a burning passion for music that can’t be described, I write reviews and write music as well, its a task but I’m proud to say I do this stuff. I tend to lean more to the Symphonic Prog scene more than anything else (Jazz Fusion as well), most of my favourite bands are in the Symphonic Prog genre.

I am proud to be a reviewer on such a well run website.

Favourite bands:

The Flower Kings
Pat Matheny Group
Porcupine Tree
Allan Holdsworth
Moon Safari

Favourite Live Gigs I’ve Seen:

The 2019 Genesis Extravaganza by The Musical Box
Brian Wilson plays Pet Sounds
Steven Wilson Hand Cannot Erase Tour
Ambrosia live 2016
Rush: Time Machine Tour (my first ever concert)

Bob Prigmore

Bob Prigmore

I have listened to progressive rock since the early 1970s.

My favourite all time artists include Camel and Jethro Tull who I both first listened to almost and more than 50 years ago. My first memory of Jethro Tull is listening to Living in the Past. Other than Camel (?) there are many excellent artists who deserve their music to be shared with the station’s listeners.

I accidentally began broadcasting in August 2018 with Beat Route Radio’s THE PROG AND ROCK SHOW where I still also present a 1950s and 1960s music show.

I have been presenting THE PROGROCK TUNESDAY SHOW Tuesdays 1-330pm CST, 7-930pm UK, 8-1030pm CET since April 2019 including sole show features and monthly ‘chosen’ albums.

I think of myself as a presenter of artists and their music rather than a disc jockey. My favoured instruments have long been violin, saxophone and, of course, the flute!

I like to play an eclectic mixture of progressive rock at both ends of the ‘spectrum’ particularly from independent artists from around the world including instrumental rock, jazz fusion, psychedelic rock and many others! I try to educate listeners (and, still often, myself!) about the artists featured and the music being played.

Most of all, I enjoying sharing the music included in my playlists with listeners and those who venture into the chatroom. Let’s PROG ON!

I am delighted to be a member of the team at Progrock.com.

FACEBOOK: Bob Prigmore’s Prog Rock Shows.
Email: bob@progrock.com (edited)

Richard Reyes

Richard Reyes

“Purveyor of the Best of Prog, with a passionate enthusiasm (leaning towards the obsessive) from around the world”

Never afraid to dig into the archives and scour the world for Progressive Rock. Richard spends a big part of his retired life planning and producing his radio show ProgPhonic simply for the Love of Prog. He found Prog as a young teen listening to late night FM radio growing up in NYC. He is married to his long-time wife Deb who is also a progger attending numerous concerts and festivals. Richard grew up in the 70’s and has a love of classic prog and new prog from emerging artists.

Richard also dabbles with concert photography, fishing and believes it’s always a good time to learn something new. Richard and Deb happily split their time between Chicago and Destin, FL with their two small dogs Phoebe and Zooey. He has two married children and one grandchild. Oh and yes, he did manage to squeeze in a prog song for the father-daughter dance at his daughter’s wedding.

Chuck Simons

Chuck Simons

Chuck Simons grew up in the 70s with mostly classic rock and the big 4, YES, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Rush. I had no idea of all the other Prog music going on at the time. Got married in the 80s and focused on family at the same time prog rock was going through a transition. With kids leaving the house I rediscovered Prog Rock in 2014 to realize how much I had missed out on. The object of my show is to take you on my journey year by year in prog rock history, not only for you, the listener but for my own learning and gratification of all those years I missed! This is why I call the show Prog Rock for Beginners, beginner being myself, and hopefully a lot of other beginners and veterans who just love this mainstream prog rock most of the time! Prog Rock for Beginners. The Best of Prog Rock, Year by Year!

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