George & Nihal

George & Nihal


  GFreedom Team consists of 2 people; George and Nihal, both located in Athens, Greece. George was a DJ in various Rock Clubs and Rock bars for almost 15 years and he is an experienced DJ and a record/music collector. Nihal dealt with Rock music since her teenage years, and she is more open-minded than George when it comes to music.

In our own words…

More than 10 years ago, we started the online radio show Prog n Roll, mostly for fun and because we wanted to experience something new. During those 10 years, the show has evolved and it has gained a very dedicated audience from many countries around the globe. Also, we experienced the honor and the pleasure of having great many musicians as our “guests” while presenting a rather long list of albums. Some of them loved the show so much that they joined our audience as regular listeners, and more often than not, grown to be our friends.

After 10 comfortable years at the same radio station we felt that we needed to step out of our comfort zone; for a new challenge if you like, and we have found our way to We believe that our listeners will follow us here and merge harmoniously with the existing audience on

We hope that we will offer something new to while putting in our best effort in entertaining you.

Some of our most beloved albums are (without any order):


Studio albums:

BIG BIG TRAIN: English Electric 1 & 2

LOVE: Forever Changes

GENESIS: Nurcery’s Cryme


MARILLION: Script for a Jester’s Tear



DAVID BOWIE: Ziggy Stardust

JETHRO TULL: Songs from the Wood

RENAISSANCE: Scheherazade and Other Stories

Live albums:


PROCOL HARUM: In concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.




BIG BIG TRAIN: English Electric 1 & 2

DAVID BOWIE: Ziggy Stardust


THE KINKS: The Village Green Preservation Society

STRAWBS: Hero and Heroine

MADRUGADA: Industrial Silence


ELOY: Dawn

THE MOODY BLUES: Days of Future Passed







United Progressive Fraternity Signs with’s Essentials for One Album Deal & Announce UPF’s 3rd Album

United Progressive Fraternity Signs with’s Essentials for One Album Deal & Announce UPF’s 3rd Album’s Essentials is excited to announce they have signed with United Progressive Fraternity for their final album in this series Planetary Overload Part 2 HOPE.

Following the successful release of Planetary Overload Loss: Part 1 on vinyl. UPF joins Unitopia on the Essentials label.

United Progressive Fraternity – Planetary Overload Hope: Part 2

United Progressive Fraternity is currently working on their 3rd album, Planetary Overload Hope: Part 2. The new album will continue the fraternity’s environmental theme and will provide the highest level of musicianship and share cultured stories that have true meaning.

The Fraternity includes founder Mark “Truey” Trueack (Unitopia and Romantechs) and co-producer and Engineer Steve Unruh (Unitopia, Resistor, The Samurai of Prog) and special guest stars that have embraced the concept and the musical journey

Planetary Overload Hope: Part 2 will include 3 CDs/3 vinyl with Romantechs 2 appearing on the 3rd CD. Expected release is early 2023.

United Progressive Fraternity – Planetary Overload Loss: Part 1

United Progressive Fraternity released Planetary Overload Loss: Part 1 on April 22, Earth Day for the first time on vinyl numbered to 500. The triple vinyl is available, in brown, blue, red and black can be purchased at in the US and Just for Kicks in Germany.

Songs / Tracks Listing

Side 1
1. Loss (Anthem) (3:25)
2. What Happens Now (4:04)
3. Cruel Time (8:05)
4. What Are We Doing To Ourselves (3:19)

Side 2
5. Stop-Time (6:56)
6. One More (2:37)
7. Mercenaries (6:48)
8. Dying to be Reborn (5:19)

Side 3
9. Seeds For Life (19:33)

Side 4
10. What If (1:44)
11. Forgive Me, My Son (7:46)
12: Loss To Lost (5:15)
13: Gone in the Blink of An Eye (

  1. What If (1:44)
    11. Forgive Me, My Son (7:46)
    12. Loss To Lost (5:15)
  2. Gone in the Blink of An Eye
  1. What If (1:44)
    11. Forgive Me, My Son (7:46)
    12. Loss To Lost (5:15)
  2. Gone in the Blink of An Eye
Ian Carss

Ian Carss

Ian Carss is an Englishman living in Boston. Grew up in the 70’s and 80’s listening to Pink Floyd, Yes, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and the like. Since the explosion of the internet has become a fan of the edgy, the dissonant and the experimental from Rehearsal Intensive Avant, & Rock In Opposition through Brutal Jazz, Minimalism and the like. Always on the hunt for new music. An attendee at multiple Rock In Opposition, Nearfest, Big Ears & ProgDay festivals. The plan for the show is to explore those areas outside the normal definitions of prog but of interest to fans of the genre.


Favorite albums

Henry Cow – Western Culture

Univers Zero – Ceux Du Dehors

King Crimson – Larks Tongues In Aspic

Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn

Cardiacs – Sing To God

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