CHICAGO, November 12, 2023 –’s Essentials, a boutique record label renowned for its unique selection of progressive rock bands, is thrilled to announce the addition of three new bands to its roster: Luz de Riada, Sonus Umbra, and The Devil’s Staircase. Each band brings a unique sound and vision that aligns with the label’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of progressive music.

Luz de Riada Unveils ‘Rizoma’

After a hiatus since their last studio album in 2016, Luz de Riada is back with an exciting lineup and an upcoming album, ‘Rizoma’. The album title carries a dual meaning: in biology, it refers to “a form of root that can generate wholly, even from a small piece,” as explained by bass guitarist Luis Nasser. In the realms of psychology and philosophy, ‘Rizoma’ refers to “the structure of ideas in the form of a network (neural or the internet) that can reconnect in multiple ways rather than a top to bottom hierarchy,” Nasser adds.

The band now features original members Ramses Luna and Edgar Arrellin, who are joined by Luis Nasser on bass guitar and Sergio Aldama on drums and electronic percussion.

‘Rizoma’ is set to be released in January to coincide with their tour starting on January 8 in Santiago, Chile, with further dates across Argentina and Chile.

Sonus Umbra Celebrates 30 Years with ‘Whiteout’

Celebrating their 30th year, Sonus Umbra is ready to make waves in the progressive rock scene with their 8th studio album, ‘Whiteout’. The band for this album comprises Tim McCaskey on acoustic and electric guitars, Luis Nasser on bass, keyboards, pedals, and sound design, and Andy Tillotson on drums, keyboards, synth, guitar, and sound design. Slated for release in early 2024, ‘Whiteout’ is the band’s first instrumental album.

‘Whiteout’ features a host of guest appearances, including new collaborators and returning associates from the band’s past. Luis Nasser describes Sonus Umbra as “a musical collective that’s been making composed, coordinated sound for more than 3 decades. Our music approximates what librarians call prog rock.”

The Devil’s Staircase: Music Meets Mathematics

The Devil’s Staircase is currently working on their second album, set to be released in Fall 2024. The same lineup will be returning, with the project partly funded by the National Science Foundation.

This innovative band is known for their fusion of math and music, offering a unique approach to understanding mathematics through the enjoyment of music. Their work represents a remarkable combination of different schools of thought, further enriching the diversity of the’s Essentials lineup.

Bass guitarist Luis Nasser characterizes the band’s mission, stating: “The mission statement of The Devil’s Staircase is to take the mathematical principles which give rise to order in nature – which is simple mathematical rules iterated over and over and over, add a random error and watch the patterns emerge. We are trying to compose music that reflects that ethos.”

About’s Essentails’s Essentials is a boutique platform dedicated to promoting progressive rock music. With a commitment to showcasing exceptional talent, the label aims to support artists in their creative pursuits and contribute to the growth and development of the genre.’s Essentials is driven by a passion for musical innovation and excellence and strives to be a trusted source for remarkable progressive rock artists.

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