’s Essentials is thrilled to unveil Rizoma, the latest sonic masterpiece from the acclaimed Mexican prog/fusion powerhouse, Luz de Riada, released on February 1st, 2024. Rizoma marks another milestone in the band’s storied journey through the realms of innovative progressive and fusion music.

Rizoma is an auditory journey that captivates listeners with its complex soundscapes, infused with the vibrant cultural essence of Mexico and the expansive influences of modern progressive rock. Fusing jazz, world music, and folk, the album crafts an innovative listening experience that is equally forward thinking as it is deeply imbued with world musical tradition. Describing Rizoma, bassist Luis Nasser remarks, “This album is a cinematographic sound adventure, inviting the audience to explore emotional, previously unimagined terrains; the intensely visual music evokes powerful imagery and is an invitation for self-discovery through resonance with other cultures. In this world, we focus too much on the differences. Rizoma is a window to focus instead on the similarities, and in so doing, question what we think we know about ourselves. When we talk about roots, are we sure we know what they are and what they mean? Who are we, really?”

In celebration of their recently released work, Luz de Riada have just returned from an extremely successful tour that saw them spend the month of January touring in Chile. It was also the first time in 10 years the band returned to Argentina, where they performed

as cultural envoys and guests of the Mexican embassy before a capacity crowd that included other diplomats such as the ambassadors of the USA, Spain, Ecuador and Morocco and was a milestone in their career. An extensive tour of Mexico will follow. Audiences can expect an electrifying live performance that captures the intricate and spirited nature of the new album. Fans and new listeners alike can delve into the Rizoma experience by purchasing the album via Bandcamp and through the Luz de Riada section on Essentials, where the band’s evolving artistry continues to be celebrated.

About Luz de Riada:

Emerging in 2010 by visionary saxophonist Ramsés Luna, Luz de Riada stands at the forefront of Mexico’s progressive and fusion music scene. The ensemble’s rich history is marked by their dedication to creating a unique sound that challenges genre boundaries and captivates audiences worldwide. The current lineup boasts a diverse group of exceptionally skilled musicians, including founder Ramsés Luna on saxophone, synth, and vocals who brings an innovative approach to melody and atmosphere. Luis Nasser’s electric bass pulsates with power and rhythmic sophistication. Edgar Arrellín’s sound design expands the textural palette of the band’s music and Sergio Aldama’s drumming and percussion offer a dynamic foundation. Together, they form a high caliber, synergistic ensemble that delivers their compelling compositions with a vibrant stage presence.

This group of artists has not only crafted a distinctive musical identity but has also built a dedicated following through their engaging live performances and community engagement. Each member contributes their unique voice to Luz de Riada’s collective narrative, creating an immersive and unforgettable musical journey for their fans.

For additional information on the album release, tour dates, and to learn more about the band’s rich history and its members, keep an eye out for updates from’s Essentials and Luz de Riada. Join Luz de Riada as they embark on a new chapter in 2024 with the complex rhythms and elaborate melodies that define their music.

Rizoma is now available as a 16-bit or 24-bit digital download or CD at:’s Essentials: Bandcamp: You can also check out the latest single, “ENTROPÍA” on Spotify,

Be sure to follow Luz de Riada online, too, for additional information!
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