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  • MELODIC: 3/10

Laura Meade’s – The Sun Remains the Same




Laura Meade’s – Remedium

Another wonderful singer and person is on tap for today’s review. Laura Meade, also know for her work in IZZ, has put out a solo album. Our first meeting was at ProgWest 2002 and we have seen her perform with IZZ a few times. We always had a great time during the show and enjoyed meeting her and the rest of the band afterwards.

Remedium as you would expect, features Laura prominently. There is also a lot to like for bass players on this album. I can’t, however, recommend this album.

This might be a personal bias of mine, but I really struggle with albums that are solo female artists whether it’s pop or prog. Unfortunately, Remedium didn’t change my bias as I am not hearing any drama or compelling reason to listen to this album over another. I will say I may be in the minority as Remedium has been well received by others including Prog magazine and NJ Proghouse.

I think several tracks would make great passages in IZZ songs. If you do like solo female artists, for example some of Christina Booth’s solo work, then I would give this a try – otherwise take a pass.

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0: Never heard of them or debut album.
2: Someone recommended. I give them another shot.
4: Some good moments in the past but never put together an album I really liked.
6: Some 4 or 5 star songs but albums can be hit or miss for me.
8: I like 80% of their songs and probably went to see them live.
10: I would, and probably have gone on a plane to see them live.

2: Weather Report
4: Zappa
6: Genesis – Selling England by the Pound,
8: Marillion – F.E.A.R
10: Kino – Picture

2: IQ – Seventh House
4: Discipline – Unfold Like a Staircase
6: Porcupine Tree – In Abstentia, Shadow Gallery – Tyranny
8: Vanden Plas – Chirst 0, Dream Theater – Scenes From a Memory
10: Opeth – Black Water Park

2: Opeth – Black Water Park
4: Vanden Plas – Chirst 0, Dream Theater – Scenes From a Memory
6: Porcupine Tree – In Abstentia, Shadow Gallery – Tyranny
8: Discipline – Unfold Like a Staircase
10: IQ – Seventh House

2: Will Never listen to again and deleted under no circumstances should you buy this
4: Not my thing maybe one redeeming song.
6: I like parts of this and I would check them out if they were near me.
8: I would get in the car and road trip to see this album live
10: I would get on a plane to see this performed live

0: Did not send
2: Sleeve or jewel-case with only single card front.
4: Some interesting information in packaging.
6: Nice art and some information
8: Nice art and full lyrics
10: Full lyrics, composer credits, are for each specific song

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