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Alan ParsonsCloser To Heaven1987 - Gaudi
AnathemaCloser2003 - A Natural Disaster
AnathemaCloser2006 - A Moment in Time [DVD]
AnathemaCloser2013 - Universal (1)
AntaresCloser1998 - Out Of Sight
AsiaOne Step Closer1982 - Asia
AsiaOne Step Closer2007 - Fantasia, Live in Tokyo (1)
AsiaOne Step Closer2014 - High Voltage Live
AsiaThe Closer I Get To You2014 - Gravitas
AstraphobiaCloser To Myself2015 - Last December
Bad DreamsCloser2015 - Apocalypse of the Mercy
BelieveMystery Is Closer2008 - Yesterday Is A Friend
BenesserCloser2015 - Purpose & Cause
Boundary ExceptionCloser2017 - Teardrops on a Blank Page
BrainstormComing Closer2000 - Ambiguity
CaamoraCloser [Live]2008 - Journey's End (1)
CaamoraCloser2006 - Closer [EP]
CaamoraCloser2008 - SHE (2)
ChickenfootCome Closer2011 - III
Coste ApetreaCloser2008 - Surprisingly Heavy
Elf ProjectCloser2007 - Wavelength
Emerson, Lake and PalmerCloser To Believing1977 - Works, Volume 1 (1)
FleeshCloser To The Heart2017 - The Next Hemisphere - A Rush Tribute
Franck CarducciCloser to Irreversible (feat. Steve Hackett)2015 - Torn Apart
Frank zappaThe closer You are1984 - Them Or Us
Frost*Closer to the Sun2016 - Falling Satellites
In the SilenceEver Closer2012 - A Fair Dream Gone Mad
IQCloser Than Close2011 - Re-Mixed
IQCloser2009 - Frequency
Jan AkkermanCome Closer1982 - It Could Happen To You [WMA128]
Jan AkkermanCome Closer1988 - The Complete Guitarist [C128]
Jan AkkermanCome Closer1996 - The Guitar Player [C128]
Jansen, BarbieriCloser than 'I'1997 - Stone to Flesh
John YoungCloser2002 - Significance
Jonas Lindberg & The Other SideCloser To The Sun2016 - Pathfinder
KarnatakaCloser1998 - Karnataka
Kevin StrasserCloser to You2017 - The Dance Of Desperation
KingcrowCloser2018 - The Persistence
Lacuna CoilCloser (acoustic Version)2006 - Closer (EP)
Lacuna CoilCloser (acoustic version)2007 - Within Me (EP)
Lacuna CoilCloser (acoustic)2009 - Shallow Life (Special Ed. Bonus)
Lacuna CoilCloser (Live on WCC)2012 - Dark Adrenaline (Special Ed. Bonus)
Lacuna CoilCloser (Live on WCC)2012 - Dark Adrenaline
Lacuna CoilCloser (radio version)2006 - Closer (EP)
Lacuna CoilCloser (radiovideo mix and edit)2007 - Within Me (EP)
Lacuna CoilCloser2006 - Closer (EP)
Lacuna CoilCloser2006 - Karmacode
Lacuna CoilCloser2008 - Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul) (1) Wacken 2007
Lacuna CoilCloser2008 - Visual Karma (Body, Mind and Soul) (2) Loudpark 2007
Lacuna CoilCloser2009 - Manifesto of Lacuna Coil
LavianticaCloser2018 - The Experience
MartiganCloser Contact2002 - Man of the Moment
MasquerageWhen The World Comes Closer2012 - Backstabber
Mike OldfieldCloser2005 - Light + Shade (1) Light
Mind's EyeCloser - Spirits in the Room part 12000 - ...Waiting For The Tide
Mindwarp ChamberCloser To Heaven2010 - Supernova
NovatiaCloser to the Next2015 - Remind You of Yourself
Out of the BeardspaceCloser to the Source2017 - Endless Pursuit
PantommindCloser To You2005 - Shade of Fate
Przemek RatowskiGetting Closer to You2018 - Trough Infinity
Psychedelic WitchcraftCome a Little Closer2017 - Magick Rites and Spells
RenaissanceCloser Than Yesterday1978 - A Song for All Seasons
Ring Of MythCloser2011 - Ring Of Myth
RushCloser to the Heart (live studio)2005 - R30 (3)
RushCloser To The Heart1977 - A Farewell To Kings (1997 Remaster)
RushCloser To The Heart1981 - Exit... Stage Left (1997 Remaster)
RushCloser to the Heart1981 - Exit... Stage Left (DVD)
RushCloser To The Heart1984 - Grace Under Pressure Tour (DVD)
RushCloser To The Heart1989 - A Show Of Hands
RushCloser To The Heart1998 - Different Stages (1)
RushCloser To The Heart2003 - Rush in Rio (1)
RushCloser to the Heart2015 - R40 Live (2)
Seven Steps to the Green DoorCloser2008 - Step in 2 My World
Shumaun One Day Closer to Yesterday2019 - One Day Closer to Yesterday
Sound Of ContactCloser To You2013 - Dimensionaut
Star OneStar One - Closer To The Stars2010 - Victims of the Modern Age (2)
Stream of PassionCloser2011 - Darker Days
SumilanWorld Is Getting Closer2015 - En Transit
The D ProjectCloser To My Soul Closer To My Heaven2008 - The Sagarmatha Dilemma
The New Weather MachineComing Closer2017 - Seas Of Dawn
The OneiraCloser2014 - Hyperconscious
The Third GradeCloser2016 - Deeper, Darker
Tim MorseCloser2012 - Faithscience
Tomas BodinThe Ballerina Is Not Getting Closer2002 - Pinup Guru
Vital InformationThe Closer2012 - Live One Great Night
WizaardCloser To The Sun2016 - Starfish Buffet
ZarOne Step Closer2016 - Don't Wait for Heroes

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