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4th DimensionVeil 31022014 - Dispelling The Veil Of Illusions
Agent FrescoTiger Veil2008 - Lightbulb Universe [EP]
Agent FrescoTiger Veil2010 - A Long Time Listening
AirbagSurveilance (Parts 2-3)2013 - The Greatest Show on Earth (2020 Remaster)
AirbagSurveillance (Part 1)2013 - The Greatest Show on Earth (2020 Remaster)
AkashicVeiled Secrets2002 - Timeless Realm
AnathemaSuicide Veil1996 - Eternity
AnathemaUnder A Veil (Of Black Lace)1993 - Serenades
AnathemaUnder a Veil (of Black Lace)1995 - Serenades [comp]
Ancient VeilA Mountain of Dust2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilBright Autumn Dawn2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilChime of the Times2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilFading Light2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilI Am Changing2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilIf I Only Knew2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilOnly When They're Broken2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilThe Fly2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilYou Will See Me (Finale)2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilYou Will See Me (Intro)2017 - I Am Changing
Ancient VeilYou Will See Me2017 - I Am Changing
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadIsis Unveiled2009 - The Century of Self
AndromedaVeil Of Illumination2008 - The Immunity Zone
AndromedaVeil Of Illumination2008 - The Immunity Zone
AntimatterSuicide Veil2002 - A Dream for the Blind [EP]
ArabesqueBeyond The Veil1994 - Beyond The Veil
BorealisPast the Veil2015 - Purgatory
Brendan PerkinsThe Girl In The Golden Veil2016 - Ternie Kell
CaamoraThe Veil [Live]2008 - Journey's End (2)
CaamoraThe Veil2008 - SHE (1)
CageUnveiled1999 - Unveiled
Chest RockwellVeil of Ignorance2021 - The Existentialist
ContemplatorThe Veiling2016 - Sonance
CynicVeil of Maya (2004 Remix) (Bonus Track)2004 - Focus (The Expanded Edition)
CynicVeil of Maya2004 - Focus (The Expanded Edition)
Danimal CannonSurveillance2016 - Lunaria
David SylvianTaking The Veil (Julian Mendelsohn mix)2011 - Promise - The Rare Tracks Collection (1)
David SylvianTaking the Veil1986 - Gone To Earth
Dead Letter CircusThe Veil2013 - The Catalyst Fire
DianthusThe Unveiling2020 - Worth Living For
Dream TheaterBehind the Veil2013 - Dream Theater
Earth's Yellow Sun02 EYS_TIM_02 Part II - Unveiling2015 - Virtual Comic Book To Celebrate 5 Year Anniversary of The_Infernal_Machine
Echoes Of EternityA Veiled Horizon2009 - As Shadows Burn
ElderThe Falling Veil2017 - Reflections of a Floating World
EloyLe Reveil Du Soleil-The Dawn1976 - Dawn (2004 Remaster)
EloyLe Reveil Du Soliel / The Dawn1976 - Dawn
EndlessBlack Veil of Madness2016 - The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity
Fantasy Dream (Peter Crowley)The Unveiled Secret2011 - Dragon Sword II -The Temple Of Dreams [C128]
Fantasy Dream (Peter Crowley)The Veil Of Night2012 - The Gate of the Forest [C128]
Frederic L'EpeeBienveillance2018 - Sketches for Images
HakenVeil (instrumental version)2018 - Vector (Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc)
HakenVeil2018 - Vector
JazzbotThe Veil Thins2015 - Don't Get Me Wrong
Jeff Beck With Terry Bozzio & Tony HymasBehind The Veil1989 - Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop
Jeff BeckBehind the veil2008 - Performing this week... Live at Ronnie Scott's (DVD audio tracks)
Jeff BeckBehind The Veil2008 - Performing This Week_ Live at Ronnie Scott's (DVD)
Jethro TullDangerous Veils1995 - Roots to Branches
KamelotVeil Of Elysium [Acoustic Version]2015 - Haven (Limited Edition Bonus Disc)
KamelotVeil Of Elysium [Instrumental]2015 - Haven (Limited Edition Bonus Disc)
KamelotVeil Of Elysium2015 - Haven (Japanese Edition)
Karda EstraThe Veil2018 - Veil
KryptografThe Veil2020 - Kryptograf
LazuliLes malveillants2011 - 4603 Battements
Le TempsL'Eveil1975 - Le Temps
Lithium DawnTearing Back The Veil2015 - Tearing Back The Veil I- Ascension
LordFishPig-Skin Veil2015 - LordFish
Mantra VegaVeil Of Ghosts2016 - The Illusion's Reckoning
MarathonBeyond The Veils1994 - The First Run
Martin SpringettBlue Veil2010 - Blue Evening
MendelMoleculair Veil2012 - Subliminal Colors
MeshuggahThe Demon's Name is Surveillance2014 - War (The Best)
MiriodorReveille-Matin2009 - Avanti
Moon HaloThe Veil2020 - Chroma
MorglblL'age de l'eveil1999 - Bienvenue a Morglbl Land
MysteryBeneath The Veil Of Winter's Face2007 - Beneath The Veil Of Winter's Face
MysteryBeneath The Veil Of Winter's Face2013 - Unveil the Mystery (comp)
MysteryIntro-Unveil The Mystery2014 - Tales from the Netherlands (Live) (1)
NemoO.G.R.E. (La Guerre Reveille L'economie)2004 - Prelude A La Ruine
Nick MagnusVeil Of Sighs1999 - Inhaling Green
Paradigm BlueThe Möbius Trip (VI. Veil of Stars)2021 -The Mobius Strip
ParagonBeyond The Veil2005 - Revenge
PendragonDance of the Seven Veils p.1: Faithless2001 - Not of this World
PendragonDance of the Seven Veils p.2: All Over Now2001 - Not of this World
PendragonThe Dance of the Seven Veils2006 - And now Everybody to the Stage
Persephone's DreamSurveillance2019 - Anomalous Propagation
Peter GabrielThe Veil (radio edit)9999 - Misc
Peter GabrielThe Veil2019 - Flotsam and Jetsam (3)
Peter GabrielThe Veil9999 - Misc
PHIBehind A Veil Of Snow2014 - Now The Waves Of Sound Remain
Poverty's No CrimeWithin the Veil2021 - A Secret to Hide
RainburnVeil / Recanvased2019 - Resignify
Red CircuitThe Veil2006 - Trance State
Red SandVeil Of Insanity2012 - Behind The Mask
Rumble In RhodosSouls Beyond The Veil2013 - Grace And Nuance
ShamanInferno Veil2010 - Origins
Sleep TerrorVague Sentiments Unveil2006 - Probing Tranquility
Spoke Of ShadowsUnder The Veil2017 - II
Tangerine DreamLifted Veil1992 - Rockoon [C128]
The Ancient VeilThe Lamia1995 - The River Of Constant Change, A Tribute To Genesis (1)
The Mars VoltaTake The Veil Cerpin Taxt2003 - De-Loused In The Comatorium
The OscillationVeils2011 - Veils
Truth Laced LieLuminous Veil2015 - The Art Of Fading Out
Twin CircusIris's Rainbow Veil2019 - Experience the Knowing
Versus XCutting the Veil2000 - The Turbulent Zone
VitriolBehind The Electric Veil2012 - Into The Silence I Sink
Yeti RainThe Veiled Daughters of Sleep2006 - Discarnate

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