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AxiomStruck Down2008 - A Means to an End
Bill NelsonStruck Dumb by Beauty Again2003 - Whimsy (2)
Dave SharmanTrucker1992 - Exit Within
Deep PurpleSpace Truckin'1972 - Machine Head (1997 Remaster, 25th Anniversary)
Deep PurpleSpace Truckin'1972 - Machine Head (1997 Remix, 25th Anniversary)
Deep PurpleSpace Truckin'1972 - Made in Japan (1998 Remaster)
Deep PurpleSpace Truckin'1978 - When We Rock, We Rock, And When We Roll, We Roll (comp)
Deep PurpleSpace Truckin'2007 - Live At Montreux 2006
FloralA Trucker's Wife2020 - Floral LP
Frank ZappaThe Orange County Lumber Truck1970 - Weasels Ripped My Flesh [2012 Remaster]
Frank ZappaTruck driver divorce1984 - Them Or Us
Grateful DeadTruckin' [Bonus - Live - Legion Stadium 12/26/70]1970 - American Beauty
Grateful DeadTruckin' [Bonus - Single Version]1970 - American Beauty
Grateful DeadTruckin'1970 - American Beauty
Groove FetishStarstruck2017 - See It All
Jade WarriorThe Demon Trucker1972 - Last Autumn's Dream
Jethro TullTruck Stop Runner2007 - Nightcap - The Unreleased Masters 1973-1991 (2)
KomieMoonstruck2018 - Afterglow
KongSteamtrucking2012 - Merchants Of Air
LaluMoonstruck2015 - Oniric Metal
LandmarqThunderstruck (Live)2015 - Roadskill - Live in the Netherlands
LandmarqThunderstruck2009 - Live In Poland
LandmarqThunderstruck2012 - Entertaining Angels (2)
Le OrmeTruck Of Fire (Part I)1974 - In Concerto
Le OrmeTruck Of Fire (Part II)1974 - In Concerto
L'EngouleventLa Gigue du Truck Rouge2006 - L'ile Ou Vivent Les Loups - Etoifilan
NektarOn The Run (The Trucker) 1977 - Magic Is A Child (2005 Eclectic Remaster)
PhishCars Trucks Buses1996 - Billy Breathes
RainbowStarstruck (Los Angeles Mix)1975 - Rising (Deluxe Expanded Edition)
RainbowStarstruck (New York Mix)1975 - Rising (Deluxe Expanded Edition)
RainbowStarstruck (Rough Mix)1975 - Rising (Deluxe Expanded Edition)
RainbowStarstruck1997 - The Very Best of Rainbow
Spock's BeardSpace Truckin' - Soul Sacrifice2001 - There & Here (Live)
Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down / Spectral Mornings1992 - Time Lapse (Live)
Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down1975 - Voyage of the Acolyte (2005 Remaster)
Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down1975 - Voyage of the Acolyte
Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down2001 - Live Archive (CD3 80s)
Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down2012 - Genesis Revisited II (2)
Steve HackettA Tower Struck Down2016 - The Total Experience Live in Liverpool (1)
The Aurora ObservatoryTruckerbomb2015 - Fabric Of Reality
The Bitum'sWhen A Blind Truck Cries2016 - #Still Driving You
The Fierce And The DeadTruck2017 - Rosfest 2017
The Fierce And The DeadTruck2018 - The Euphoric
The Fierce and the DeadTruck2018 - Truck (single)
The Lucid DreamMoonstruck2015 - The Lucid Dream
WigwamThe Moon Struck One1975 - Live Music From The Twilight Zone
Zappa, FrankThe Orange County Lumber Truck1991 - Make A Jazz Noise Here (1988 Live 1)

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