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Art BearsThe Hermit1979 - Winter Songs
AstrolabeThe Hermit2018 - The Hermit, The Fool and the Hanged Man (EP)
Autumn ElectricThe Hermit of North Pond2014 - Flowers For Ambrosia
CaamoraThe Hermit [Demos]2008 - Journey's End (2)
HieroglyphEnochian (The Hermit)2016 - Ouroboros
Steve HackettThe Hermit1975 - Voyage of the Acolyte (2005 Remaster)
Steve HackettThe Hermit1975 - Voyage of the Acolyte
The WatchThe Hermit (feat. Steve Hackett)2017 - Seven

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4/18/2021 6:33 AM paul peagamMarillionPaper Lies

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