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AlchemistRays Of Moonlight (Song For Youdrayka II.)2016 - Fear Business
Alphonso JohnsonMoonlight Conversations1977 - Spellbound
AnathemaParisienne Moonlight1999 - Judgement
AnguishMoonlight2002 - Symmetry
As FollowsSailing By Moonlight2015 - The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
Bad DreamsMoonlight2016 - Deja Vu
Bad SaladMoonlight2014 - Puzzled (EP)
Be-Bop DeluxeDancing In The Moonlight (All Alone)1977 - Modern Music
Bill NelsonBright Star (Moonlight Over Ocean Blue)1987 - Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights (2) - The Book of Inward Conversation
Blackmore's NightMoonlight Shadow2015 - All Our Yesterdays
Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah BandTubas In The Moonlight1969 - The Outro
California Guitar TrioAdagio Sostenuto, Moonlight Sonata1998 - Pathways
California Guitar TrioAdagio Sostenuto, Moonlight Sonata2012 - Masterworks
California Guitar TrioBeethoven - Moonlight Sonata (Extra)2000 - Rocks the West
California Guitar TrioPresto Agitato, Moonlight Sonata1998 - Pathways
California Guitar TrioPresto Agitato, Moonlight Sonata2012 - Masterworks
Captain BeefheartMoonlight On Vermont1969 - Trout Mask Replica (2013 Reissue)
CollageLiving In The Moonlight1994 - Moonshine
David Byrne and Brian EnoMoonlight In Glory1981 - My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (remaster)
DyonisosOmega Moonlight2006 - Dyonisos
Egor LappoMoonlight2020 - Make the Sun Shine More
Fantasy Dream (Peter Crowley)Moonlight Eternity2012 - Escapism
Full NothingMoonlight2015 - Full Nothing
GoadBallad In Moonlight2015 - The Silent Moonchild
Golden EarringClear Night Moonlight1989 - The Continuing Story Of Radar Love
HeminaMoonlight Bride2016 - Venus
KamelotMoonlight2005 - The Black Halo (European Edition)
KamelotMoonlight2005 - The Black Halo (Japanese Edition)
KamelotMoonlight2006 - One Cold Winter's Night [live] (1)
King's XManic Moonlight2001 - Manic Moonlight
Mahogany RushMoonlight Lady1975 - Strange Universe
Maid MyriadDance By The Moonlight2014 - With Haste on Its Breath
Man On FireAwake (Part I) Prayer In The Moonlight2003 - The Undefined Design
MasquerageMoonlight Time2008 - Moonlight Time
MattssonMoonlight Dream2008 - Dream Child
Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow [With Maggie Reilly - 12 Inch Single Version]1983 - Crises (1) (2013 Remaster)
Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow [With Maggie Reilly - Unplugged Mix]1983 - Crises (1) (2013 Remaster)
Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow [With Maggie Reilly]1983 - Crises (1) (2013 Remaster)
Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow [With Maggie Reilly]1983 - Crises (3) (Wembley Arena, 22 Jul 1983)
Monnaie De SingeSchizophrenia: Moonlight2015 - Error 404
Pax RomanaMoonlight Meadow2005 - Trace of light
Poets Of The FallMoonlight Kissed2016 - Clearview
Radio HazeBlame The Moonlight2014 - Momentum
RageRiders On The Moonlight2001 - Welcome To The Other Side
RenaissanceBlood Silver Like Moonlight2013 - Grandine Il Vento
RenaissanceBlood Silver Like Moonlight2014 - Symphony Of Light
RenaissanceMoonlight Shadow1990 - Live In New Haven
Robbie RobertsonSonny Got Caught in the Moonlight1987 - Robbie Robertson
Robert PlantMoonlight in Samosa1982 - Pictures At Eleven
Rope and LadderMoonlight/ Sunrise2020 - Rope and Ladder
Sand SnowmanSpider By Moonlight2007 - The Twilight Game
Shaggy the RockbandMr. Moonlight2015 - Destination Nowhere
Starlight BrigadeMoonlight From a Starry Sky2014 - Into The Light
Steve Harley & Cockney RebelMad, Mad Moonlight1977 - Face to Face (A Live Recording)
The Aaron Clift ExperimentBathed in Moonlight2015 - Outer Light, Inner Darkness
The DoorsMoonlight Drive1967 - Strange Days (2003 Remaster)
The Emerald DawnMoonlight2019 - Nocturne
TillianMoonlight Dancer2019 - Lotus Graveyard
TillianMoonlight Dancer2019 - Lotus Graveyard
Trans-Siberian OrchestraMoonlight And Madness2009 - Night Castle
Udo LangMoonlight2019 - Private Galaxy
VitneUnder The Moonlight2017 - Jupiter
Within TemptationSilver Moonlight2014 - Hydra (1)
Within TemptationSilver Moonlight2014 - Hydra (2)
WizaardSunshine/Moonlight2016 - Starfish Buffet

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