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ChicagoBeginnings1969 - Chicago Transit Authority
David BowieWishful Beginnings1995 - Outside [Bonus Track]
Flash Featuring Peter BanksSmall Beginnings2013 - Flash Featuring Peter Banks - In Public (Live 1973)
FlashSmall Beginnings (single Version)1972 - Flash
FlashSmall Beginnings1972 - Flash
FlashSmall Beginnings1997 - Psychosync
FlashSmall Beginnings1997 - Psychosync
HibernalBeginnings2015 - After the Winter
KensoBeginnings2001 - Ken Son Gu Su (live)
ManticoreBeginnings2018 - Next Step, Flight 19
Old Man WizardBeginnings And Happenstance2018 - Blame It All On Sorcery
Pain of SalvationOf Two Beginnings2002 - Remedy Lane
Pain of SalvationOf Two Beginnings2016 - Remedy Lane Re_lived
Pain of SalvationOf Two Beginnings2016 - Remedy Lane Re_mixed
Spock's BeardBeginnings2018 - Noise Floor (1)
Steve HoweBeginnings1975 - Beginnings
StrawbsNew Beginnings1978 - Deadlines
The Black CodexNew Beginnings2014 - Episodes 14 - 26 (2)
The Inner RoadNew Beginnings2017 - Sanctuary

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