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EsabucA New World2020 - Taciturn
GaladrielOn The Verge Of A New World1998 - Mindscapers
KariBoWCrusader (Prelude / The Lonely Way / A New World / Monument of Life)2018 - MOnuMENTO (2) Monuments
MarquetteAwaken In A New World2015 - Human Reparation
Red BazarSunset For A New World2016 - Tales From The Bookcase
RPWLA New World2019 - Live From Outer Space
RPWLA New World2019 - Tales From Outer Space
Soniq TheaterBeach of a new World2015 - Guitarissimo
The Steve Bonino ProjectOn A New World2018 - Stargazer
TranscendThe Mind Part 8_ A New Mind For A New World2012 - The Mind
TucanaPromise Of A New World2018 - Legacy

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