Mark’s Quick Review: shob’s – Karma Obscur

France's Shob has released an album called Karma Obscur. This is a tough album for me to review in some respects. I find that albums featuring bass players are appreciated more by people that play the bass or any instrument rather than a simple consumer of music. This...

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Mark’s Quick Review: Red Morris’ – Time

I was glad to receive this sophomore album from Italy's Red Morris as Italy has been on a real streak of great albums lately. This album never really "spoke" to me. Are the styles of each song varied or does it lack cohesiveness? Their playing is all wonderful but the...

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Concert Review: Eric Johnson, St.Louis, 3-22-18

Concert: Eric JohnsonVenue: The Pageant, St. Louis, MO, 3-22-18Review and Pics by: Jon Fiala Eric Johnson has long been one of the most respected guitarist in music since the early 1990s. Guitar Player magazine did a lot of promoting of him before his first major...

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Mark’s Quick Review’s: Ostura – The Room

I had never heard of this Lebanese band prior to listening to this Ostura album. According to their marketing,  Ostura have changed their approach to writing songs between this album and the last. This became even more apparent to me as I took a look at the number of...

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