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Too much going on in May!

As we get well into 2013, i'm considering the state of my gig attendances this year and it's not been as satisfactory as I would have liked. To be honest there hasn't been that much on. The one big festival I planned to attend - Y-prog - was cancelled. What was even worse was that the Friday pre-show featuring Riverside was also cancelled at the last minute due to sickness in the band. To overcome that disappointment I booked to see Winter in Eden the following weekend and that was also cancelled due to sickness in the band! So you can see what a miserable start to the year it has been. I think that all I've managed so far is Magenta at the CRS awards night and Jump who thankfully stepped into the gap provided by the cancelled Y-prog.

The main live prog event in April in the UK is HRH festival, but that is having to be boycotted, due to the organiser's attitudes to the long standing prog community in the UK. It was also HRH and some of the bands that supported it that killed off Y-prog announced beforehand in the same city.

So that leaves us with May and bang, everything hits at once. People that know me will know that I am a world traveller for prog events and after missing a couple of year and with such a strong line up this year ROSfest was a must attend and with RPWL not having visited the UK with their Beyond Man and Time show it made sense to make a road trip and take in Terra Incognito in Quebec as well. The consequence of this is that I'm away from the UK for about 3 weekends in May and guess what every prog band decides to tour in that period. I miss Spock's Beard, Mostly Autumn, Rush, Fish, Steve Hackett and several others, plus the Celebr8.2 and Electric Garden festivals in the UK.

The guess what, following that, everything goes quite again in June with probably a sporadic gig here and there until October when everything starts going mad again usually. Whilst appreciating that some months are not the best for touring, are there really only 2 months a year when bands can tour the UK!

Seeing live prog gigs is my hobby and I have money to throw at bands to see them, but by all arranging to play at the same time I can't support them all. We here about the lack of support that bands get, but maybe there is a lesson to be learnt here!