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Cameras at gigs

Lately I've had a couple of bad experiences with people taking photos or videoing at gigs. The first was at the Neal Morse / Flower Kings gig in Wolverhampton, UK where a guy was standing about 15 metres from the stage, right in front of me and holding a camera in video mode above his head right in my line of vision. I wouldn't have minded quite so much if it was just for a portion of a track, but by the time the band had started their 3rd song, I had to say something, which went upon the lines of Excuse m, but I didn't come here to watch the gig through your viewfinder". He sheepishly put the camera away and I didn't see him use it again.
The second time was last weekend at ROSfest, where everyone was seated and a woman was taking still photos in the row ahead of my wife and I. To be fair she was holding it in front of her face rather than above her head, but she did have the viewfinder screen on all the time and I couldn't believe how distracting it was to us. My wife was giving me numerous complaining looks and in the I again had to say something, but more politely this time. Thankfully she shifted to looking through the eyepiece and shut off the screen.

I'd be surprised if it was just me that was irritated by the number of people taking photos or videos with their smartphones at gigs, but I'd be interested to know what others think. I can understand people wanting to capture some of their experience for posterity, but the number of cameras now in use and the increased usage of large screen devices is making this very distracting for concertgoers who just want to listen to the music and see the bands perform on stage


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