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About me: SPIRAL KEY - Heart-felt, brain-fed, gut-delivered. SPIRAL KEY was formed in 2012 by David McCabe and Ken Wynne, two experienced performers and writers of rock music eager to transcend the limitations of 'musicians wanted’ adverts and covers bands. Whether it was a happy coincidence or a fated synchronicity that they met in one of those bands, the result was they discovered a common love of progressive music that led to turning years of simmering ideas and songs into the coherent whole that is SPIRAL KEY - a fully independent progressive rock/progressive metal band with symphonic overtones. And "progressive" is the main theme, with the true meaning of the word rediscovered: it means to drive ever-onward, not just to move from the simple toward the complex, but to reveal the cerebral and visceral rewards of the perfect blend of technical ability and evocative composition. It presents an open field from which to draw direction, feel, and influence as befits all aspects of the band's artistic vision. Their full length debut album PERFECT MACHINE, released in early 2013, consists of seven thematically involved pieces of music that move in weird and wonderful ways, allowing both musicians to express themselves in their playing, writing, and arranging alike; it is an offering that has something to say and somewhere to be. No dance-pop, four chord, singer-songwriter 'can you hear my pain' ballads, or endless passages of tired by-the-book noodling; this is far more twisted, fractured, soaring, dark, and brooding, using crushing, angular cadences and riffs, polyrhythms, and dynamics of tempo and volume. This is music for grown-ups! With a penchant and love for both music of greater complexity (anything from Borodin to Dream Theater) and eloquent songwriting (Rush, Steven Wilson, Riverside), Ken and David have combined their abilities to create words and music intended to stimulate both emotionally and intellectually. Heart-felt, brain-fed and gut-delivered; modern, electric, eclectic, layered, sensitive, subtle, searching, beautiful, and loud - PERFECT MACHINE has a destination, and is eager to get on towards it. While the studio is the purest expression of the music, in-person performance is an integral part of the SPIRAL KEY experience. With expertise in electronics and electronica, in elements both tangible and virtual, Ken and David have built a system capable of delivering a powerful show on the road as a duo, reproducing in a live setting the full power of the album without losing the live dynamic, combining aural and visual delights that complement the instrumental pyrotechnics and vocal harmonies to complete the artist-audience connection. A second album is already being conceived; and an EP of new songs is currently being put together and planned to be released either later this year or early next; but that's a whole other story. Watch this space!
Interests: Rush, Everon, Genesis, Riverside, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Tangent, YES, King Crimson,
Location: Swindon, UK
Occupation: Playing The Bass Guitar
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