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Flicker - How Much are You Willing to Forget

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Flicker - The best debut album since mars hollow’s self-titled album.


No detail was spared as is in evidence by the thoughtfully created album art from Mel Walker.

The surreal imagery of the cover art blends nicely with the subject matter of the album. With the tracks Intro and Go the scene is set, It’s just another day around the big city and feeling as though you are part of the rat race. Then a truly stunning third track, Out There.

In this third track you will be whisked away by the haunting piano and Steven Wilson-like vocals. Droning guitar riffs lead you into a masterfully created heavier section of the song.

The brash opening My Empty Head quickly turns into a mostly mellow track in which the second half is a very dreamy instrumental that probably is why the Pink Floyd comparisons are made so often with this band.

Counting time, is not a homage to a song on the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. If anything, the song is reminiscent of Blondie’s Rapture due to the spoken word in the back half of the song, which works remarkably well.

Everywhere Face is just a rocking song and probably the most radio friendly song on the album. It is well liked enough to have its own video and it does fit in nicely with the storyline.

Falling down has some violin samples which give the song a feeling of dread and urgency.

Breathless will leave you breathless. The flamenco sounding guitar leads you into a dreamy and then crunchy guitar. The lyrics complete the tale.

Is This Real Life, bookends the album nicely with the first track Intro.

A debut that is so good one wonders how I could not be disappointed by their next album.

Mark Monforti

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Listened to this album a couple of times now. Really like it. Hanging out for the CD release though.

I recommend at least giving this one a listen. It's cracker of a piece of work!

Cheers, Ken
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