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Best live Prog act

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Old bands, new bands or middle aged bands. Who is the best act you have ever seen live? The one you really enjoyed the most? Let's be honest, sometimes the music or bands don't translate well live. Can anyone say that Led Zep really had a great stage show? At most times, were the Grateful Dead anything but boring in concert? But there are some bands out there that have put thought into their stage shows, thought into how they interact with the fans in their shows, much time spent rehearsing for their shows and tours and when they all come together, it's an unforgettable show.

My favorite Prog concert is a tie: Genesis Duke tour  Saratoga Springs, NY and Roger Waters (with Eric Clapton) Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking tour  Hartford, Ct.

as a side note, my favorite concert of all time…….The Tubes. Remote Control tour the Paladium Theater in Staten Island, NY
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