Name : PeterProg

Role : Dj

YOB : 1953

Location : Carmarthen, Wales

Show : Check it Out


Dj PeterProg, also known as Peter O’Neill, is employed at a private hospital, after a career in the Meteorological Office. I have fond memories of visiting the local Memorial Hall ( still there today ! ), where rock bands of all description, would play on a weekly basis. I soon noticed that some were very different, tracks were longer, some experimental, I was to learn, it was Progressive Music !!

The music has been a big part of my life ever since.

CHECK IT OUT with Dj PETERPROG, the name comes from the fact that each and every week, I shall bring listeners NEW music, with my Album Of the Week Feature, where I will play 4 or 5 tracks, from a new album spread through the show.


Join me Fridays 7pm UK time !!

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