So I forgot where I read about this album on some review blog somewhere. I decided to listen to their free crappy bit rate version on I was absolutely floored from first listen and listened to it back to back to back. I immediately contacted the band for an interview only to find out they didn’t even really know what prog was.

They said that Everywhere face was their favorite song and that the crowds seem to like that song the best. But I am here to tell you that there are 3 amazing songs on the album: Out There, where Ellis holds a note for 20 seconds, the sublime Counting Time, and Breathless which is even a little better than the other two outstanding tracks thanks to a flamenco guitar.

The artwork is wonderful and I find myself staring into the cd while listening to the album.

A few months after hearing the album we did what we said we do with 5 star albums. Yes we flew from Chicago to Aylesbury to see them perform this album.

On a side note: Because I have decided to review an album every day you are going to see a skewed result of more 5 star albums as I go back and review albums from the past along with new releases but let me assure you a 5 star rating is quite rare.

Notable Tracks: Go, Out There, Counting Time, Breathless

ACCESSIBILITY:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
HEAVINESS:2 Stars (2 / 5)
MELODIC:5 Stars (5 / 5)
ARTWORK & PACKAGING:4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
DRAMA:5 Stars (5 / 5)
OVERALL RATING:5 Stars (5 / 5)


These ratings are just attributes and may not have correlation to the most important: OVERALL RATING

0: Never heard of them or debut album.
1: Someone recommended. I give them another shot.
2: Some good moments in the past but never put together an album I really liked.
3: Some 4 or 5 star songs but albums can be hit or miss for me.
4: I like 80% of their songs and probably went to see them live.
5: I would, and probably have gone on a plane to see them live.

1: Weather Report
2: Zappa
3: Genesis – Selling England by the Pound,
4: Marillion – F.E.A.R
5: Kino – Picture

1: IQ – Seventh House
2: Discipline – Unfold Like a Staircase
3: Porcupine Tree – In Abstentia, Shadow Gallery – Tyranny
4: Vanden Plas – Chirst 0, Dream Theater – Scenes From a Memory
5: Opeth – Black Water Park

1: Opeth – Black Water Park
2: Vanden Plas – Chirst 0, Dream Theater – Scenes From a Memory
3: Porcupine Tree – In Abstentia, Shadow Gallery – Tyranny
4: Discipline – Unfold Like a Staircase
5: IQ – Seventh House

1: Will Never listen to again and deleted under no circumstances should you buy this
2: Not my thing maybe one redeeming song.
3: I like parts of this and I would check them out if they were near me.
4: I would get in the car and road trip to see this album live
5: I would get on a plane to see this performed live

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