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AetherThe Sun Of The Tower1999 - Visions
AvantasiaThe Tower2001 - The Metal Opera
FreddeGreddeThe Tower2014 - Brighter Skies
Ian GordonThe Tower2011 - The Box
Kollar AttilaThe Tower's Room Lost In The Fog...2016 - Progrock '55 (comp)
LanfearThe Towers Of February1996 - Towers Of February
Mother TurtleThe Tower2017 - II
NomadThe Tower2018 - The Nomad
Peter GabrielThe Tower That Ate People2000 - Ovo
Peter GabrielThe Tower That Ate People2004 - Still Growing Up (DVD)
Peter GabrielThe Tower That Ate People2012 - Back to Front - 20120610 - Hollywood (2)
Peter GabrielThe Tower That Ate People2013 - Back to Front - 20131003 - Vienna
PlatypusThe Tower2000 - Ice Cycles
ProfusionThe Tower (Part One)2012 - RewoTower
ProfusionThe Tower (Part Two)2012 - RewoTower
Sun PreachersThe Tower2015 - Walking Towards The Tower
The EnidThe Tower Of Babel1976 - In The Region Of The Summer Stars
The TirithThe Tower2015 - Tales From The Tower
Tomorrow's EveThe Tower2008 - Tales From Serpentia
Vertical AlignmentThe Towers2007 - Signposts
VesperoThe Tower (XVI)2009 - Surpassing All Kings [R.A.I.G., R041]
YesIn The Tower1980 - Drama (bonus)
Zero HourThe Towers Of Avarice2001 - The Towers of Avarice

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