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AgenessThe Lament Of Ghosts2009 - Songs From The Liar's Lair
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight2009 - The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight
AnathemaGhosts2017 - The Optimist
AndromedaGhosts On Retinas2008 - The Immunity Zone
AnekdotenUntil All the Ghosts Are Gone2015 - Until All The Ghosts Are Gone
AntimatterGhosts2007 - Leaving Eden
AnubisSilent Wandering Ghosts2014 - Behind Our Eyes (Live)
AnubisSilent Wandering Ghosts2014 - Hitchhiking to Byzantium
ArmoniteGhosts2018 - And The Stars Above
Arrow CatcherFriendly Ghosts2018 - Colliding With the Dark
AsiaThe Ghosts1999 - Rare
Bad To The BoneGhosts Of Her Past2017 - Thirteen
Barock ProjectOld ghosts2017 - Detachment
Bass CommunionGhosts on Magnetic Tape (Part 2)2005 - Porcupine Tree Sampler 2005
Bass CommunionGhosts On Magnetic Tape I2004 - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape
Bass CommunionGhosts On Magnetic Tape II2004 - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape
Bass CommunionGhosts On Magnetic Tape III2004 - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape
Bass CommunionGhosts On Magnetic Tape IV2004 - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape
Bass CommunionGhosts On Magnetic Tape V2004 - Ghosts on Magnetic Tape
Big WreckGhosts2014 - Ghosts
Bill NelsonDance Of The Pagan Energy Ghosts2009 - Here Comes Mr Mercury
Bill NelsonGhosts of Invisible Things2000 - Whistling While The World Turns
Bill NelsonRoyal Ghosts1995 - Practically Wired...Or How I Became Guitarboy
CircaChasing after ghosts2009 - HQ
Citizen CainGhosts Of Jericho (Part 1)1997 - Raising The Stones
Citizin CainLost In Lonely Ghosts2012 - Skies Darken
CollapseJesco's Ghosts2013 - The Fall
Cracker FactoryChasing Ghosts2015 - Chasing Ghosts
CredoGhosts Of Yesterday2011 - Against Reason
Curtis ReidThe Ghosts Of Narcissism2001 - Omniumgatherum
Downes Braide AssociationSuburban Ghosts - Part 32015 - Suburban Ghosts
Downes Braide AssociationSuburban Ghosts - Parts 1 & 22015 - Suburban Ghosts
Erik NorlanderOn The Wings Of Ghosts2000 - Into The Sunset
EveronGhosts2000 - Fantasma
Explosions In The SkyWelcome, Ghosts2007 - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
Eye 2 EyeGhosts, Pt. 12017 - The Light Bearer
Fates WarningThe Ghosts of Home2016 - Theories of Flight
FishPlague of Ghosts (I) Old Haunts1998 - Raingods With Zippos
FishPlague of Ghosts (II) Digging deep1998 - Raingods With Zippos
FishPlague of Ghosts (III) Chocolate Frogs1998 - Raingods With Zippos
FishPlague of Ghosts (IV) Waving at Stars1998 - Raingods With Zippos
FishPlague of Ghosts (V) Raingod's dancing1998 - Raingods With Zippos
FishPlague of Ghosts (VI) Wake-up Call (make it happen)1998 - Raingods With Zippos
Fractal MirrorThe Fading Ghosts of Yesterday2013 - Strange Attractors
Frequency DriftGhosts When It Rains2018 - Letters to Maro
Gandalf's FistChildhood Ghosts2014 - A Forest of Fey
Half ShellMaybe Ghosts2018 - Truly Tragic
HeylelGhosts2017 - Shades Of Time
HostsonatenHostsonaten i) Sunset ii) Starfields iii) Forest iv) Ghosts Of Summer Evenings v) Watersong vi) Spirals vii) Seascape viii) Morning1997 - Hostsonaten
In ProgressChasing Ghosts2014 - North Atlantic Echoes
It BitesGhosts2008 - The Tall Ships
It BitesGhosts2010 - This Is Japan
It BitesGhosts2011 - It Happened One Night (1)
JapanGhosts1981 - Tin Drum
Jethro TullOld Ghosts1979 - Stormwatch
Jimmie's Chicken ShackLiving With Ghosts2004 - Represent
KansasGhosts / Rainmaker2009 - There's Know Place Like Home (Expanded 2016)
KansasGhosts1988 - In the Spirit of Things
KarmakanicThe Fading Ghosts of Twilight2010 - The Power of Two (w Agents of Mercy)
KonchordatEnglish Ghosts2009 - English Ghosts
Long EarthGhosts2017 - The Source
Mantra VegaVeil Of Ghosts2016 - The Illusion's Reckoning
Memories Of MachinesSchoolyard Ghosts2011 - Warm Winter
Mostly AutumnSilhouettes Of Stolen Ghosts2014 - Dressed in Voices (Bonus)
Nth AscensionA.I. (Ghosts In The Machine)2011 - Frequencies Of Day And Night
Oceans of NightGhosts of the Past2011 - Domain
OssiclesGoodnight Ghosts2015 - Music For Wastelands
OutsideGhosts In The Night2016 - Naked
PallasGhosts1999 - Beat the Drum
PendragonGhosts1993 - The Window of Life
PendragonGhosts2001 - The Round Table
PendragonGhosts2013 - Out Of Order Comes Chaos (Live)
PFM - Premiata Forneria MarconiPhotos Of Ghosts (Per Un Amico)1973 - Photos Of Ghosts
PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi)Photos Of Ghosts2002 - Live In Japan (1)
Pictorial WandThe Ghosts Start Dancing2009 - Face Of Our Fathers
PusciferTelling Ghosts2011 - Conditions Of My Parole
Ra's DawnGhosts Of My Mind2017 - From The Vile Catacombs
Salem HillStolen By Ghosts2005 - Mimi's Magic Moment
SarisGhosts Of Yesterday2017 - Ghosts Of Yesterday
Sonic PulsarGhosts of the Lost Planes2006 - Out of Place
Space Chicken & the Eggs of DisasterGhosts Beside The Stairs2014 - Lucidity (EP)
Spock's BeardGhosts Of Autumn2003 - Feel Euphoria
Spock's BeardGhosts of Autumn2005 - Gluttons for Punishment (2)
Steve RotheryThe Ghosts of Pripyat2014 - The Ghosts of Pripyat
StrawbsGhosts: Sweet Dreams/Night Light/Guardian Angel1999 - Concert Classics, Vol 6 (recorded 1977) [live]
StrawbsGhosts: Theme2006 - A Taste Of Strawbs (2) Changing Places [comp]
StrawbsGhosts1975 - Ghosts (1998 Remaster)
StrawbsGhosts2001 - Baroque And Roll (Acoustic Strawbs)
StrawbsGhosts2008 - Lay Down With The Strawbs (1) [live]
StrawbsGhosts2011 - Acoustic Gold [comp]
SubsignalWalking with Ghosts2009 - Beautiful & Monstrous
SubsignalWalking with Ghosts2012 - Live in Mannheim
tGhosts2006 - Voices
The Black Noodle ProjectGhosts2013 - Ghosts & Memories
The Flower KingsFireghosts2012 - Banks Of Eden
The GatheringHeroes For Ghosts2016 - TG25 Live at Doornroosje (1)
The Safety FireThe Ghosts That Wait For Spring2013 - Mouth of Swords
This Town Needs GunsConsoling Ghosts2016 - Disappointment Island
Times UpChasing Ghosts2014 - Sea Of Schemes
ToehiderHow Do Ghosts Work?2017 - Good
Tom SlatterMothers Been Talking To Ghosts Again2013 - Three Rows Of Teeth
Traffic ExperimentGhosts and Shadows2011 - Blue Suburbia [EP]
Traffic ExperimentGhosts and Shadows2011 - Blue Suburbia
Vanden PlasA Ghosts Requiem2014 - Chronicles of the Immortals, Netherworld I
White WillowGhosts2006 - Signal To Noise
WidetrackGhosts2018 - Widetrack III
WoolgatherHighway Ghosts2009 - Programmes- Vol. I - The Pleasure Principle
X Factor XGhosts1997 - X Factor X
ZThe Ghosts of Yesteryear2015 - Real Life Never Stops
ZirrusHoly Ghosts2013 - Kulm

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